Pre-Audit Review

Pre-Audit Reviews are a summary assessment which determine if a protocol is ready for an audit. The review checks the available software documentation, private and public, of the protocol as well as its testing suite, the tools it used as well as other aspects in order to generate an audit readiness score, alongside a report.

Why would my protocol need a Pre-Audit Review?

Audits are expensive. Don’t waste your money. Check that you have done the pre work, before you take the audit. There is nothing more frustrating than spending thousands of dollars on an audit just for it to be dragged along and requiring extra attention due to a lack of preparation.

Pre-audit reviews help you with this tedious process by providing guidance for audit readiness. Our analysts will support you in the preparation of documentation and testing best practices to speed up the process of going through an audit while showcasing to auditors your protocol’s dedication towards safety.

A Pre-Audit Review is a suitable product for you if your protocol:

  • Is unaudited
  • Has functioning smart contracts
  • Is looking for promotional efforts and backing from a well-established security company
  • Needs guidance on documentation in preparation for an audit
  • Needs to streamline the audit process for faster audit turnaround time
  • Wants to give early investors confidence in the security of its initial product

More about Pre-Audit Review

Our team of analysts will first go on a discovery call with you to better understand your protocol’s current documentation situation. Upon the receival of the current documentation available from your protocol, our analysts will go through your documentation and assess your audit readiness.

After generating the Pre-Audit Review score, our analysts will provide guidance and support in building the missing documentation in an effort to increase your protocol’s score. Once both our analysts and your team agree on a reasonable score, the review is generated and provided to you, which can be sent to auditors before starting the auditing process. This review will provide pertinent information that will allow auditors to speed up the auditing process.

Purchasing a Pre-Audit Review includes the report that is being generated for you, analyst time to provide guidance and support, as well as a promotional opportunity from DeFiSafety to announce your audit readiness.

Upon starting, the pre-audit review would take between 5 and 10 business days, depending on the efforts required for increasing the score after the initial review.

No! As long as you operate with smart contracts, the pre-audit review is a suitable product for you. Whether you are an NFT project, a GameFi initiative or a DAO, you can get your protocol audit-ready with DeFiSafety.

Developers, security analysts, technology managers and/or CTO/CISO executives are strongly recommended for our pre-audit review process to be effective and time-efficient.

Our analyst team will determine your required next steps to improve your documentation. Depending on the size of the work needed, there may be a need to redo the pre-audit review. However, our team will do their best to provide support and get you to a high score in order to reach your optimal return on investment.

How do I get started?

You can send us an email over at info@defisafety.com to schedule a discovery call and get audit-ready with DeFiSafety.