Defi Safety Review List

DeFi Safety

Review List

This is the list of reviews completed. The % score is how close to perfect they follow process and quality best practices. Click on the review to get a breakdown of the score and click again for the full report

1Inch 85%Keep Network 85%Visor Finance 39%Pancake Hunny 34%BunnyPark 23%Element Finance 93%MDex 41%TerraSwap 40%Kalmar 31%DinoSwap 27%Mirror Finance 86%Bancor 90%Ampleforth 87%Snowball Finance 38%Pylon on Terra 74%Cyclone 53%Mai Finance 72%FEG Exchange 22%Yearn Finance V2 93%Compound 93%AAVE 96%mStable 90%BarnBridge 92%BiSwap 11%PolyCat Finance 38%Olympus Finance (OHM) 54%PancakeSwap 82%O3Swap 49%ParaSwap 53%Ellipsis Finance 60%Orion Protocol 50%Adamant Finance 53%Stakewise 79%Wing Finance 21%Rabbit Finance 42%Anchor Protocol 75%TreeDefi 38%PrivacySwap 41%Pangolin 36%JetFuel Finance 38%RAMP 35%PolyDEX 33%Belt Finance 56%Pickle Finance V2 66%ShibaSwap 35%Balancer V2 100%Lido Finance 84%LavaCake 28%DFYN 56%ApeSwap 42%UMA Project 85%AutoFarm 47%QuickSwap – Polygon 26%unFederalReserve 74%Alchemix 44%Peak Defi 41%IRON Finance 47%Beefy Finance 53%Nerve Finance 34%Liquity 84%Macaron Swap – BSC 21%Convex Finance 46%Alpaca Finance – BSC 68%Inverse Finance 47%PantherSwap – BSC 45%Impermax Finance 65%Venus – BSC 63%yAxis 43%DeFi Saver 71%GrowthDefi 57%Uniswap V3 94%Wault Finance – BSC 37%Goose Finance — BSC 34%ACryptoS — BSC 38%RAI and Reflexer Finance 76%BAO Finance — BSC 38%Idex 68%ARMOR.FI 74%Pancake Bunny – BSC 32%Synthetix Exchange 85%Perpetual Protocol 79%Ichi 59%Maker DAO 84%SushiSwap 57%dHedge 70%Pool Together 91%88mph 79%C.R.E.A.M (Swap and Lending) 83%Vesper 71%Keep3r 70%RARI Capital 74%Loopring 82%Index Coop 49%Cover Protocol 76%Enzyme 83%Gnosis Safe 95%DerivaDex 31%For Tube Finance 27%TrueFi 73%Badger Finance 65%1inch Finance 31%Curve Finance 77%DeFi Swap ( 28%Harvest Finance 67%Gnosis DEX 91%Power Index 80%FLEXA / AMP 82%Melon 86%DeFiner 20%Idle Finance 89%dydx 92%Saffron Finance 31%Alpha Homora 79%Wise 53%Hegic Options 75%Kyber 89%MCDex 80%SET Protocol v2 84%Dodo 76%Sake Swap 53%Pickle Finance 64%bZx V2 87%dForce 70%Nexus Mutual 87%HEX 63%RenVM 88%Akropolis Sparta 86%Yearn V1 Finance 66%Instadapp 55%Opyn Protection 80%Balancer Finance 74%


What is a Defi Safety Review?

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