Security Framework

Executive summary

DeFiSafety has developed a security framework optimized for DeFi protocols using known best practices from the industry. The goal of this framework is to improve risk management and security practices across entire DeFi protocols (treasury, keys, change management, website and smart contracts). This framework will address security practices through a comprehensive security documentation set, customized for your protocol.

We do the bulk of the work for you, minimizing the impact on your time. We optimize the process to DeFi protocol realities (small, distributed teams, and DAOs). The outputs are only public if requested by the protocol.

The Framework

The DeFiSafety Security Framework contains 5 main functions. These are:

  • Prepare (best practices by DeFiSafety)
  • Identify (generate a list of threats across the organization)
    For each listed threat
    • Mitigate (insurance, bug bounties)
    • Alert (anomaly detection, monitoring, procedurals, and more)
    • React (response plans for realized threats)
  • Restore (recovery plans and improvements of processes)

Key value propositions

  • Identification / improvement of existing security measures within a protocol
  • Continuous / retroactive consulting to the framework
  • Assist protocols in filling in the missing security measures
  • Privacy is a priority. We keep your security information private. You control what info is published.

Let us help you with this new DeFi security process!

For a more detailed overview of all the technical moving parts of this framework, please reach out at info@defisafety.com.