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This list of upcoming reviews is pinned to our Telegram Channel

Our goal is to review the full DeFi Pulse List so every other review will be from that list. We will only review released projects on the Ethereum Mainnet with published contract addresses. We generally complete 2-3 reviews per week

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    Listing on probit oops nope hotbit !!

    side note been using probit a lot lately which is damn impressive, first exchange UI ive actually liked can even see balance all the time.. clicking in order books words, and can use “back” from the chart to go back where you were last :O

    ..almost as impressive as you bro, amazing site hope we can get you some big sponsor/partner asap.. eg Probit ! i actually mentioned you and someone saw my post about liking exchange so at least theres that.. hope they add you !

    also any thoughts on chainlinkgod.eth’s post about yinsure haha think i sent it yesterday

  2. ACO.Finance (Auctus) please.
    They show some TVL traction on defipulse close to Opyn right now.
    Seem a runner up in derivatives.
    Code on Github.

  3. I am requesting to audit our smartcontract which is used for LP staking. The most codes are from SushiSwap, we only made very small changes. You can find the diff here.

    Smartcontract address:

  4. To follow up on the YELD contract audit request, here is some more info:

    The contracts to be audited are
    these ones. Don’t mind the other ones in the repository:
    Key points:
    – The yDAI contract is 90% audited code from the contracts. What needs to be
    audited in that file are the deposit(), withdraw(), buyNBurn(), daiToETH() and
    checkIfRedeemableBalance() functions.
    – The withdraw() and deposit() functions are from yearn finance meaning the code is audited,
    the blocks marked with // Yeld are the new content that actually has to be audited inside 2 two
    – Check the website to understand the 3 core features we're implementing in those

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