Recommended by Experts

DeFi Safety

Recommended by Experts

If smart contracts are ever going to be reliably secure,  development teams must embrace security as process integrated throughout the development lifecycle. DefiSafety is a much needed project bringing transparency around the security practices of projects and showing the path to improvement.

John Mardlin, Security Engineer, Consensys Dilligence 

These process quality assessments help fill a large gap in the ecosystem by facilitating others do necessary due diligence on projects while also pushing towards standardizing the minimum public facing information that it requires.

Corey Petty, Chief Security Officer, Status and Hashing it Out PodCast

In my experience, a high level of quality in a project’s codebase ensures safer code is deployed out in the field. has produced a quantitative, open-source rubric of codebase quality that will ensure better safety for those projects that choose to adopt it. I highly recommend that all DeFi projects adopt the quality assurance process into their projects, to ensure safer outcomes for their users in the demanding needs of the Ethereum environment.

Bryant Eisenbach, Smart Contract Security Consultant, Maintainer of Vyper

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